Early Life

William Cross, born in Madison, Wisconsin, had joined the Central Intelligence Agency with the intent to learn the secrets of the trade and to make contacts which might one day prove useful to him. He intended to use CIA training and knowledge to obtain a profit for himself.

Joining HYDRA

At some point during his life, William learned about the history and origins of HYDRA from Gideon Malick. Cross dreamed of seeing how HYDRA can evolve into a great and expanding empire that could spread all corners of the universe. He later became romantically involved to Rozalyn Backus and sought to bring her into HYDRA. However, he feared that she would not understand what HYDRA would do, so he kept his secrets from her.

As he continued his career in the CIA and establishing a cell of his own, Cross assumed the codename "Crossfire" and diverted a portion of his profits to recruit mercenaries that would serve him within HYDRA. Crossfire's goal became to foment disorder and subversion within society in order to make a profit. At one point in his career, he was terribly injured in a explosion, losing his left eye. Taken to Cybertek, he was given a cybernetic eye.

Avengers Civil War

During the height of the Avengers Civil War, Cross became one of the representative leaders of the newly formed Cabal.

Powers and Abilities


  • Cybernetic Eye: William Cross's left eye had been replaced by an infra-red imaging device after he was terrible injured from an explosion and taken to Cybertek. affords him a semblance of sight even in total darkness.