Veruca Kingsleigh
Victoria Justice -Veruca Kingsleigh-
Real name

Veruca Buffalord (née Kingsleigh)

  • None
Species Human
Citizenship Spain (formerly)

United States of America

Age 400
Date of Birth 1971
Date of Death late 21st Century
Affiliation Justice Squad ("second in command")
Status Deceased

Super David (film) First Appearance

Veruca: The Return of Mephisto

Justice Squad Post Credits Scene

Super David 2

Justice Squad 2

Super David 3

Black League Last Appearance (Death)

Portrayed by
  • Victoria Justice

Veruca Kingsleigh was a rich daughter of the Prime Minister Abelardo Kingsleigh of Spain. She fell in love with Super David/David Buffalord, when she learned more about him, and his favorite activities. She was supposedly killed gruesomely by Target. One they arrived at her corpse, they tried to revive her with their equipment, but failed. They put her in an ambulance to take her to a funeral home. Once they got there and opened the back doors of the ambulance, they saw here sitting up and looking around confused, as they saw her neck and torso wounds healing on their own. Veruca was released and traveled, undercover to China where she would spend her 5 months assassinating other criminal empire employees for another crime empire: The Chinese Dragons. She was forced to assassinate for them, until she had a problem. Mephisto would open Hell, a realm of death, and sent Satana Hellstrom & Daimon Hellstrom, his children, and Vlad Dracula to assist them. She, her sister Violet, her sister's army and the Masters of the Mystic Arts, would try and fail to stop the Descendants of Mephisto from destroying the Sanctum's of the world, letting Mephisto through. Veruce would be taken into Hell to be imprisoned. She would soak her sais in the water there, taking almost half of her live, because the more you touch the water, the more life it will take. "Hell's Water" turned them into Hell Sais, the only type of sais that can harm, even kill demons. With the help of her sister Violet, her sister's army, and Doctor Strange, they defeated Mephisto and his minions. After Veruca defeated Mephisto, Satana Hellstrom, Satana's boyfriend, Vlad Dracula, and their devils, she would then spare Sath Shamill, her former love interest, and his daughter Sarah Shamill, and left. At her home she rented in, she would learn about the Invasion of Alythrian, and David's struggle for survival. Then a Chinese Dragon's henchman gave her a "Russia-Killing" Chinese Missile, called the Chinese Fireball. He told her to target Shanghai and destroy it. She went on top of the tallest building: Shanghai Tower, to fire the missile, but hesitated. She cared for David more than she cared about the mission that she decided to target the Alythrian World, a space station, which went directly into the core and destroyed it from the inside out. Once she did it, she packed and went back home to David to make sure he survived. At Salt Lake City, Utah, she talked to Rebecca to have David meet her at the City Creek Park, the first place they fought and met. Rebecca then surprised David when he first saw her in months. And for the rest of her life, she would follow David on many adventures, until her death of natural causes at age 400.