Super David
Super David
Real name

David Buffalord

  • Super David
Species Human
Citizenship United States of America
Age 700
Date of Birth 1970
Date of Death late 22st Century
Title(s) Savior of the Knights of Shadow
Affiliation Justice Squad (leader)

Knights of Shadow

Status Deceased

Super David (film) First Appearance

Veruca: The Return of Mephisto Flashback

Justice Squad

Super David 2

The Golden Warrior Post Credit Scenes

Catgirl Post Credit Scenes

Mammoth and Science Squid Post Credit Scenes

Untitled Super David spinn off Brief Appearances

Scarlet Dimling Post Credit Scenes

Silver Knight Post Credit Scenes

Indomitable Woman

Justice Squad 2

Super David 3

Black League Death

Super David Prequel: The Knights of Shadow Last Appearance

Portrayed by
  • Max Charles (young)
  • Samuel Witwer

Super David was a superhero and a layer. Destined as the "savior" of the Knights of Shadow


Super David aka David Buffalord is the last of the Buffalord family and was fully dosed with Knights of Shadow DNA when he was an infant, so he was blood was full-Knight of Shadows. He lives in Salt Lake City, UT. He was destined to restore the Knights of Shadow, after it's destruction during the Knight of Shadow Extraction war in 1989. During his free time from being a hero, he became a layer. He made many enemies, his main enemy was Mr. Payara, who killed the last of his family. He fell in love with, and got engaged to Veruca Kingsleigh, a rich daughter of the Prime Minister Abelardo Kingsleigh of Spain. After a duel were David was stabbed by Veruca, mistaking him for her father's death, and her gruesome "death" at the hands of Target, he dedicated himself to pay back Payara and Target for it. He started with Target, who ambushed him at The Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City, Utah. Brief damage the cathedral taken during their duel, but finally he was defeated and thrown out of a closed stained glass window, which shattered in the process. He fell straight into a manhole, and snapped his neck. Super David then attacked Mr. Payara, who overestimated Super David's abilities, and was paralyzed after David literally broke his knee caps permanently. Instead of killing him there and then, he spared him, for the police to deal with. 5 month after Veruca's "death", he was not himself, he never slept nor ate. Until he met Rebecca Smith's son, Jacob Smith. He was trained by David, to help control his uncontrollable speed. Which gave him the idea of forming is own family, another superhero group, The Justice Squad. Also he hired, Karen Kyle/Catgirl, Antonio McGregor/Mammoth, Orlando Hullibate/Science Squid, Scarlett Dimling, Sarah Wilson/Silver Knight, and Riley Andersen/Indomitable Woman. And when thing were just almost perfect, he met another perfect girl, Cassy Pendragon, with both magical, and superhuman properties. They first met at a blind date set up by Gwen Celia. She was very unusual, even claiming to talk to herself, when David asked, "Who were you talking to?". David then found out, it was a trap, at their wedding, which never officially settled, after the first stage Invasion of Alythrian, destroying part of the Cathedral of the Madeleine. Then it was an official "world war", making it other world wars, "Country War I, and Country War II". Super David lead his squad to stop the Invasion of Alythrian, by David sending himself, as a prisoner, into their space station, Alythrian World. There he met his uncle, Alan Buffalord, who was a human, but willingly chose to become an Alythrian, and set up a schedule for his surgery. In his cell, he found his "separated during birth" sister, Kaylee Buffalord, who was only imprisoned against her will for her transformation from Human to Alythrian, by surgically removing your heart, and replace it for an Alythrite life crystal. David then helped Kaylee escape by building a super suit for him, and a super-tech white leather bodysuit his sister. David and Kaylee would free all the imprisoned. Before they were caught, they lucky got into escape pods, and launched them back to Earth. Then a mysterious "Russia-Killing" Chinese Missile shot up in the sky and destroyed the Alythrian World's core, which destroyed the entire space station. There he dueled, his uncle, as Kaylee dueled Cassy, and her mother Morgan le Fay, or Morgana Pendragon, escaped during the battle, and went into hiding. Cassy was crushed by one of the towers of the Cathedral of Madeleine by Kaylee. Before David ultimately destroyed his uncle, he tried to convince him to join his side, then he could bring Veruca back to him. Disbelieving his speech, he chose to destroy him from the inside out. Weeks after the invasion, he never forgave himself for putting so much faith into his ex-soon-to-be wife. He always grimsly turned down Gwen's proposal for another blind date. Rebecca then finally met Veruca face-to-face, and she asked to have David meet her at the City Creek Park, near the Cathedral of Madeleine, which was still in construction after the invasion. Rebecca wanted to surprise David, by not mentioning why he had to spend his break from work to go to the park, Veruca told Rebecca about. He remembered the first time he and Veruca dueled at the park. To his frustration he shouted at Rebecca about wasting his time. But when he was about to storm out of the park, he laid is eyes of the very girl he thought was lost, Veruca Kingsleigh, which indicates that his uncle was telling the truth. At work, Rebecca resigned from her post as David's partner, to make room for Veruca's stand in life. Veruca told David about her revival, thanks to David's blood pressed against her slashed neck, after Veruca's assassination making her blood half-Knight of Shadow. And her adventures, fighting the lords of Hell, Mephisto, Satana Hellstrom, and Satana's boyfriend, Vlad Dracula. Then after the reconstruction of the Cathedral of Madeleine, they were married, but not before David was forced into a car fight by Payara's henchman, during his ride to the wedding. When he and Veruca went on their honeymoon, to Maryland, they were attacked numerous times by the Goatman, who was hired to assassinate the Buffalords by Payara, but David always defeated him, to the point where he just gave up, so Payara tried a more different approach. Payara made a deal with the Bunnyman, who always wanted to be moved to Salt Lake City. He also wanted to kill the girl, himself. On one of David and Veruca's dates, Roach-Man attacked by breaking through the street and pulled their car into a large tunnel and into a gigantic room full of gold. There they met Roach-Man, who stole some of Ant-Man's tech to build a roach version of both the ant-man and giant-man suit. Worried for Veruca's safety, he was forced to use the Sword of Death, a very powerful relic forged by the General of the Knights of Shadow, to destroy him, thou he wasn't near Death's power on Roach-Man, because if the was 15 feet near the Death's power, your soul would leave your body, forever. They were then rescued by the police. Another one of their dates, Veruca said she doesn't feel so well, and were ambushed by Payara henchman, kidnapped David, and left a poisoned Veruca to die. As Payara promised, he let the Bunnyman have Veruca, but then he called the police, in front of Bunnyman, that he successfully captured the Bunnyman. Outraged he tried to kill Payara, but then Pink-Man, Payara's right hand man, also poisoned the Bunnyman, by a shooting a shot in his back. David was then awoken by electric shocks. Cuffed to a platform, teleport-proof, he stared at Payara, in disgrace. After a few hours of torture, he was rescued by Veruca, who was healed by the Bunnyman, who quickly stashed Pink-Man's antidote, and cured Veruca first, and the Bunnyman accompanied her to rescue David. After his rescue, David fulfilled his promise to Bunnyman, to help him with his mental disability, after he served his time in prison, for all the victims he killed, but David insured his time will be short. During Black Plague's Invasion, David and Veruca would invite both Bunnyman (cured from his mental disorder), and Jocasta, a robot created by Black Plague (Tony Stark created the program, but Plague stole Jocasta) to work for the very person she set eyes on. It would take the whole team to defeat both Morgana Pendragon and Black Plague, which both end up dead. When Payara, named Billy Boomer to cover up his true identity, the Justice Squad regretfully turned on David and Veruca, though they had a child, Esther Veruca Buffalord. David and Veruca gave her to her aunt, Kaylee, who moved to Canada. After an young adult Esther proved Mr. Boomer's true identity, Payara then stabbed his heat with a Alythrite life crystal. He then turned into a hulking figure, with major blue crystal spikes sticking out of his head, legs, forearms, and all down his back. Though the Justice Squad put in their best effort, he defeated them with ease. To ensure the safety of the USA, Esther used the Sword of Death to stab Payara through the back. After an Death's power destroyed Payara's soul, Esther was still behind Payara, directly in Death's Power. Esther was going to die, but thanks to David and Veruca, and the Knights of Shadow's Healing Song (or the "If I Had Words To Make a Day For You"), Esther was restored. David and his wife, daughter, Justice Squad, and all other retired Marvel Super Heroes (formed the Superhero's Resistance), to destroy the Black-Hole Lord, or Thanos Jr. the very son of Thanos. After the Second Infinity War, David, Veruca and the Justice Squad would retire, because of their age, so that leaves Esther and her new friend Nauk/Black Mamba, the last Black Mambra, and other friends, Tim Burry/Vampa, Alfred Gillard/Night Owl, and Nate Kyle/Black Jaguar, the son of Karen Kyle/Catgirl, would form the Black League.


  • Though he has a cap seen in images below, he has no cape in reality.


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