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Kateri Deseronto, better known by her codename Coldheart, is an Inhuman who was a former agent who worked for the FBI. After losing her son during a fight between Spider-Man and the Rhino, her grief caused her to believe that superheroes were the ultimate evil ever since the Ultron Revolution and the Inhuman Outbreak.


Avengers Civil War

During the Avengers Civil War, Kateri was imprisoned in the Raft for her refusal in signing her name in the Sokovia Accords. However, she was one of the many villains that escaped from the Raft prison.

Powers & Abilities


  • Coldheart using her cryokinesis
  • Coldheart using her cryokinesis to freeze her opponents hands
  • Coldheart had cryokinetic abilities


She was a highly skilled martial artist and swordsman.


Coldheart had a flawed sense of logic that superheroes were all villains, and each one was responsible for her son's death. This did not seem to be present after her escape from the Raft, showing far less hostility and even some fear towards costumed heroes.

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