The Inner Guard was a terrorist-crime team created by Maggia leader Madame Masque. Following the conflict between the Maggia and HYDRA, the Inner Guard was defeated and disbanded.



Madame Masque

  • Name: Whitney Frost
  • Activity: ? - 1986
  • Description: Whitney Frost was born Giulietta Nefaria, the only child of Maggia leader Count Nefaria. After joining the Maggia, she spent a number of years carrying out missions before being disbanded from the organisation. To help remain ahead of her fathers rivals within the organisation, she formed the Inner Guard.


  • Name: Samuel Smithers
  • Activity
  • Description


  • Name: Matthew Gilden
  • Activity: ? - 1986
  • Description:


  • Name: Michael Marko
  • Activity:
  • Description:

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