Kenny Rumlow also known as Abrend is a HYDRA leader and the son of Crossbones aka Brock Rumlow and swears revenge on Scarlet Witch

he became default director


Confrontation with Hawkeye, Black Widow and Scarlet Witch

he ended being defeated in confrontation

Meeting Fat Blood

"Hey Kid

Me you mean Yeah guy you oh while I'm Adam but please call me Fat Blood and I am Kenny Rumlow just can you call me Abrend now that I've been introduced you we need It back okay but first what do you mean by "it" our Secret Weapon"

―Kenny Rumlow and Adam Brone
he was introduced to Fat Blood so they could do the Mission For The Tesseract



Crossbones/Brock Rumlow † - Father

Unnamed Mother


HYDRA - Teammates

Frederick Dukes - Henchman On The Zumbermission


SHIELD - Enemies


Fat Blood/Adam Brone

Guardians Of The Galaxy




Cybernetic Eye: he has cybernetic eye due to the other one being chopped off

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